Museums are popular places to visit. Every country you visit, there are museums that preserve their history, culture, lifestyle, and more. There are art museums to display the works of the greatest artists; science museums that display the different significant inventions, etc. These museums have exhibits, shows and workshops to entertain the visitors and educate them. The museums in future will be quite different than it is today. Here are the five changes you will notice in museums in the future.

Focus will be on the enquiry and not the collection

The displays in the museums will be based on what people want to know, rather than what the museums are able to collect. So, both curators and visitors will become investigators. The research will be a major part of every museum. The museums will be used as inquisitive purposes. They might also give public research offers to people who are interested in carrying out research in a particular area.

Built on collaborations

The future museums will be built on collaborations. There will be a collaboration between museums, staffs, libraries, universities, visitors, sponsors, government bodies, donors and communities. They all will try to make museums sustainable. The museums in future will be more in tune with how they function effectively. Strong organisational health, leadership and culture will be the contributing factors for the development of more resilient museums. There will be a synergy of personal, professional and organisational development. Development will be through workshops, talks, networks, training, conferences, social activities, etc. Wellbeing of staffs will be a major concern for the future museums. They will also encourage professional development. Communities and visitors will become more integrated into museums. They will be in charge of the collections and displays. They will contribute to different decisions as well.

Shareable experiences

Museums will consider the digital visitors also, along with their physical visitors. They will try to attract the online visitors. The digital presence of museum will have direct implications on their reputation. Physical visitors will share their experience online. So, shareable experiences will increase. The community will do the marketing on behalf of the museum through online platforms.

Entrepreneurial and creative

Museums in future will no longer depend on public funding. They will be more creative. There will be leaders who will be able to do things differently. They will come up with great ideas to stimulate change. They will be able to take risks. Social and educational purpose will be blended with entrepreneurial practices in future.

Become young learner’s classroom

The museums have changed recently. They have an education department that offers various programs for visitors. In future, there will be more such opportunities to encourage families with young children to explore the museums. Preschools and nursery schools may be located as part of museums.

The future museum will be an awesome place to visit. The exhibits will be more authentic; people will be able to touch and feel things. The experience will be something unforgettable.

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